Rygas FUMBBL League



I’m going to really struggle to get to the club next year as the wife’s uni course is now on Wednesday and I’m just wondering if there’s enough Rygas BB coaches who may be interested in setting up our own FUMBBL league. We could keep it along the same lines as the tabletop one and play a game every couple of weeks if that helped.

Any takers?


Hi @HairyPete

I’ve never used FUMBBL but sounds like it could be fun. More BloodBowl is normally a good thing


Count me in.


Count me in too :slight_smile: … In the event of a clash, I’ll likely prioritise “physical” matches first.


No idea how to use it, can someone give me some points on Wednesday?


Aye sir.


Cheers @Dopey


I’ll bring my laptop and data link tonight. Hopefully we’ll have time for a demo after our games.


Cool, I’ve also never actually used FUMBBL so would be useful to see it. Is there any sort of AI opponent so I can play around with it?


It’s a bit clunky to start with, but makes sense after a while. … although its been aaaaaaagggesss since I’ve used it.

To my knowledge, there is no AI. However, you can watch replays of previous matches or even games in progress :slight_smile:


Pete, this came up last night; do you know if we could play e.g. a Rygas Cup match using FUMBBL? i.e. is it possible to fully customise teams adding skills etc on an ad-hoc basis?


Looks like you can play with a fully customised team by using test mode in fumbbl. You have to make or find a team which is about right then use the test mode command line to add and remove skills and add inducement money to by mercs etc (then remove loner). Sounds like a bit of a pain but is an option.

I have also used the Cyanide client to play league games remotely. You have to create an offline team and then edit it with a program that I have a copy of somewhere. Again, not a seamless process and you also have to know how to open ports on your router to play over the internet. I have also written an app that will automatically upload your match results to OBBLM after you finish playing but I would have to check that it still works with the latest NAFLM.


Ooo, there’s also a newer BB client which allows for both online matchups and play-by-email here. This one seems to expect you to create a custom team so might be a better fit.


Personally, I’d rather use FUMBBL in test mode than the Vassal client. My suggestion for playing cup games online would have been FUMBBL test mode. There are some instructions on how to do it and add skills here - https://fumbbl.com/help:Test+mode


Yeah, I had a play with the play by email client and it doesn’t do anything for you other than record your actions so would take a long time to play a match.