Saturday 18th March gaming day


Hey guys

A few of us are arranging a narrative 30k 4v4 game on the 18th of March and we’re looking for 1 more player. We’ll be starting at 9am

We have the skittle room booked, so anyone who wants to come down to play whatever games they fancy, is most welcome :slight_smile:

Please PM me if you’re interested in the 30k game (2.5k points per player)

Thanks for reading!


would love to but i work saturdays organise it on a sunday next time and then i can come


We have room for more heresy players, don’t be shy! we have a really good event planned!

Anyone else that wants to come down and make use of the hall, just let me know. There is lots of spare room


North Devon Mike’s along next week, he might want in if he’s free (probably with Night Lords, WE, or AL). We could also see if anyone else from Kirton’s slow-grow is free?


Sounds good, so far we have

Loyalists: Space Wolves, Space Wolves, Imperial Fists
Traitors: World Eaters, Sons of Horus, Militia

We can add in players for either side, so that’s ideal


Still looking for more 30k players for our event!

also lots of room for others who want to use the space for any other games :slight_smile: