Scenery opportunity



We have the opportunity to purchase some Pegasus scenery. It amounts to 6 large pieces and 4 smaller ones. It is nicely painted and pretty robust. However it is going to cost £200, which isaround a fifth of our funds. Does anyone have any serious misgivings about this.


nope go for it


The only issue that I have is exactly how robust is it.
The club scenery tends to take rather a hammering with being used potentially every week and being a bit of a ‘Jenga fest’ to get it back into the boxes.
Whilst I don’t object to the club money being spent on decent scenery for specific game systems (some for 40k, some for Sigmar etc.) we do have to balance expense against longevity.
This was something I was going to bring up at the AGM, rationalising the clubs scenery collection.
I have no objections to large amounts of club money being spent on good scenery, but I think that storage for each piece of scenery should be purchased at the same time if needed, and labelled as such.


That scenery is pretty robust, Santa, but I think labelling the storage boxes is a great idea, and buying any more if we need it. I reckon it’d be great for the club - go for it.

A year or two ago Jon had about a table’s worth of themed scenery grouped into each box, but it eventually got jumbled up again. I don’t think it’d be a bad idea to go back to that - maybe even going as far as to stick a little label to the bottom of the scenery pieces so people know which bit goes where.


I’ve played games using this Pegasus stuff and it’s very good. I feel that some of the 40k terrain is a bit tired and could do with being “retired” this looks like it would be a good replacement. It’s good for LoS blocking :slight_smile:

Scott; good idea about labels on some terrain and assigned boxes


Mentioned in the AGM thread that I’ve got 6-7 45L boxes that might be usable for terrain if the club wants them. 2 of them are pink, but I’m sure that’s not such a big deal… I can bring one in this week to see if they’ll do the trick?


Sounds good. If you could bring one in to show us that would be great.


Cool, will do.