Scum X-Wing ships for sale


With 2nd edition around the corner I’m selling of some of my X-Wing scum ships to scale my collection back a little. As a result I have the following things for sale.

Jumpmaster 5000, with dial, ship cards for the base, and 2 pilot cards (Dengar and Manaroo, not sure what I’ve done with the other two) and Punishing One title £6

Slave 1, with dial, ship cards for the base, and 4 pilot cards and Slave 1 & Andrasta title cards £6

2 x Black Sun Z-95 Headhunters with dials, ship cards for the base and 6 pilot cards £6

I can bring them to the club on Wednesday if anyone is interested.



I’ll take the Jumpmaster, Jim. Not sure when I’ll be in the club next, though - likely to be a couple of weeks at least. Or I could grab it next time you’re at the shop?


It’s yours dude :slight_smile: yeah I can let you know when I’m at Morton next. Could be Thursday


I’m game for the two Zeds, Jim (if still available)


Also happy to take Slave 1 off your hands if still available :slight_smile:


Yep all of them are still available. You at the club tonight?


Yup - see you there!


Sweet, cheers Jim.