Selling some items


hey guys,

continuing my new year clear out!

5 terminators (3x lightning claws, 2x stormshield + thunderhammer) £18
10 MK3 marines (have some DG forgeworld torso’s available too) £17 SOLD
venerable dreadnought (on sprues) £19
dreadnought, TL lascannon, power fist plus some spare weapons on sprue £13
dreadnought, TL lascannon,power fist (has inquisition DW icon on torso) £10

more pictures available on request

thanks for reading


Hey still got those 2 built dreads ?


Yeah I have mate, do you want to meet up at the club next week?


Yes please mate i might even have that 3rd unbuilt one off you ill have to see next week


Ok no worries. I’ll bring them all next week. Happy to knock a few quid off
if you want all 3 :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for that see you next week


ignore the deleted post! Someone on a facebook trading group was asking about the venerable dread on sprue, but I’d rather sell to someone at the club :slight_smile: