Shadespire 13th June


Would anyone like a few games of Shadespire next Wednesday? If there are a few of us we could play a little round-robin tournament.


Hi, I probably can’t do next Weds but could definitely do the week after (13th). Have just purchased the core set and all the warbands so I’m really keen to have a game!



Sounds like Rob could join us on the 13th too, so let’s do that. Anyone else is welcome as well


Awesome, look forward to it! Cheers Matey. See you then.


Sounds good!

If you fancy some more I’m gonna run an afternoon event at a Kirton on Sunday 17th as well.


Spread the word if you know anyone else who might be interested!


I be up for joining in. Got all of it so I’ll make some decks up.


@Jim_Mcpherson, are you still able to join in the fun?


Hi Guys,

Really sorry but I’m afraid that I’ve got a big deadline at work this week, so I’m not going to make tomorrow night now. Hope that hasn’t screwed anybodys plans up. :frowning: Gutted as I was really looking forward to it. @RobAngell Have purchased my ticket for 7th July though so at least I’ve got that to look forward to!


I think I’m free, I was already meant to be playing Reuban at AoS but not sure if that is happening, will have to check first. I have a skaven gang, a deck and dice, but no boards or starter set.


Llooks like I’m playing AoS with Reuben after all sorry guys, will have to be next time


I’ll be a bit late guys, but I’ll bring my stuff along just in case!


No worries! I tend to arrive at the club at about 6:30ish.
See you a bit later!


Store Championship time again guys if you fancy it? Next weekend at Kirton!