Shadespire 16th May (Who wants Promo’s?)


Anyone fancy some Shadespire at the club on the 16th?

As you probably Kirton runs official organised play events for Shadespire, but we get far more prize support then we can run in store alongside everything else! Having okayed it with Jonathan, and assuming interest I’m going to run an event at the club, in two weeks time. No cost to enter, just pay the club the normal subs, play some Quickfire Shadespire games (single 45 minute games) and come away with a couple of promo cards!
There is an event set up on Facebook, it’s be great if you can let me know if you’d like to join in here, or there!


Count me in Rob


I am so up for this! I am there!


Interested! May depend on what happens in the Blood Bowl


Here we go folks, one event page!


Definitely interested but I probably won’t get there until the first round has already started. I’ve also only ever played it once so I’m in a bit over my head, but happy to play casually or be part of the tournament.


Looks good mate but I’m looking to play AoS instead. Good luck!


Awesome stuff!

MrB. no problem at all, late starters more then welcome!

Fred, no worries, always the next one!


I’m absolutely gutted but I’m going to have to miss yet another shadespire event. At this point I’m starting to think the world is conspiring to stop me from playing shadespire. This will be the 7th event that I’ve been forced to miss! :frowning:


That was a fun night! Any plans for another Shadespire evening in the near future?


I had to miss this last time, would be really keen too! :+1:


Some of us are playing on Wednesday 13th June of you like