Shadespire Demo Games


Hi All,
I’ll be running 2 demo games of Shadespire next Wednesday (25th), games will probably take no more than 40 minutes each so plenty of opportunity for everyone to have a go!

Feel free to bring along your own sets if you have them and we can try some 3 or 4 player games.

I’ll be setting up at 6pm-ish


Sounds good Fred, count me in!


I’m up for it


I should have 2 sets so can demonstrate for 4 at a time!


Alright, I’m hooked now. Trying to figure out how to convert some Tzeentch-flavoured Slaves to Darkness to stand in as the Sigmarines and some Tzaangors to double as the rage-a-holics anonymous warband.

Anyone else thinking of doing something similar?