Shadespire/nightvault tonight?


Hi all! Anyone up for some games of shadespire/nightvault tonight? I’ve got all the warbands and cards with me so even if you don’t have your teams/decks we can still game


Hey Robin,

I’m playing/learning some Kill Team tonight. I’m arriving at the club late though so not sure how much game time I’m going to get on KT. Depending on when we finish if you are looking for a game late on I might be able to give you a quick game (The beauty of Underworlds!) before we get chucked out. I’ll bring a warband and deck just incase.




Awesome, just depends on how late late is as I’m usually leaving about 9:30-10ish


Ah, ok mate, I’m a bit of a night owl so don’t usually head off until the end . Maybe we could have a game another time instead. Will give me time to brush up on the new Nightvault rules.