Shadespire or 40k on the 7th


After initially thinking I can’t make it and not booking any games I will be there on Wednesday and wondered if anyone fancied a game of Shadespire or 40k?


Hi Robin, I’m still looking for a 40K game this Wednesday. If you don’t get any takers for Shadespire, do you fancy 1500pts of 40K?


Hi Ali,

Yeah I’m well up for 1500pts, pretty sure I have enough bodies to make that :slight_smile:


Nice. See you on Wednesday.


Hi Ali, I’m really sorry but I can’t get to rygas tonight, my lift can’t make it so I can’t either. Sorry about that! If you’re about next week I’m up for a game?


Hi Robin,

That was lucky just openned the forum and have seen your message (didn’t get an email notification :-/
Ah well. No worries. Sorry I’m not here next week - I’ll be in Warhammer World!
Maybe we can arrange a game for the following week?


Sorry about that! And have fun up there, it’s so much awesome and I miss getting up there regularly! Yeah I’m good with the 21st :slight_smile:


It will be my second time there, so yeah looking forward to it.
Brilliant then for the 21st at 6:30. 1500pts of my Death Guard versus your…?


It’s so worth the journey :slight_smile: and it’s my orks, dusting them off and trying out the new codex! They’be been hiding in the foam through 8th so far while my tyranids went on the rampage but it’s a good excuse to get them out and stomping again :slight_smile:


Hi Robin, jyst checking that you’re still coming?


Hi Ali,

I’m really, really sorry to have missed you again! I’ve been off work with migraines all week and I lost track of what day it is! I’m so sorry, I just didn’t think!


Hi Robin,
No worries. I hope you get better soon.

Dare we try again next week? :wink:


Cheers, I think I’m coming out the far side now :slight_smile: and it’s the shadespire mini tournament next week, but tentatively the 5th?


Not quite a month late!


Let’s do that. See you on the 5th for 1500pts of 40K.


Hi Ali, soooo… life has happened, and I don’t think I’m likely to make it next week, or until after xmas. I’m really sorry but hopefully you have enough time to schedule another game this time!


Hi no worries.
Yep life has a habit of getting in the way of playing with toy soldiers! :roll_eyes:

Catch you some other time