Shadow War Armageddon/Necromunda for the 4th of April


Does anyone want a game of shadow war or Necromunda next week? I’ve been working on a load of terrain recently and want a chance to get it all on the board! I have a marine team for shadow war and Genestealer cult for necromunda but I haven’t had a chance to play necromunda yet. Cheers!


Hey mate ive got a game booked for next week but ive got the 4 gangs out so if theres somebody who wants to play but dosent have the bits i could lend them for the night ?


I too have a game lined up this week, but would be interested in Shadow War at some point - Probably Inquisitorial… Also Kill Team may be out by the time I get my models together…



Ok cool, do you think it’s worth bringing it this week or bring other stuff and go for shadow war another week? The box of terrain is fairly hefty XD


I’ll be too busy this week I’m afraid


If times not an issue me and dave normally finish our 40k games fast enough perhaps could have a game or 2 of necromunda afterwards ? That is supposing you find a game or something to play also


I normally need to head off by 10:00ish, I’ll see how transportable it all is (I haven’t actually tried to box all the terrain up yet) and i’all bring it if it’s not too rediculous :slight_smile:


It fits into one big box so that should be fine, i’ll bring it and see if anyone is about