Short Armada League


Last year when we ran the Campaign back at Kirton I suggested about running something again down the line.

Would anyone be interested in a shortish league type setup starting next month? Say three games, swiss drawn, one to be played every couple of weeks either at Rygas or Kirton (you arrange when and where with your opponent for that round).

We could do a small cover charge of £5 then provide some promo cards from the OP packs we have.


I’d be interested, would like to get my Armada stuff out again. Between the Blackstone Fortress campaign and Blood Bowl league I’m not sure I would have many free weeks at the club, so would probably have to play my games at Kirton.

Any idea on league format? Would we use the same fleet for each game for example?



My thoughts entirely I’m wanting to get some Armada Games in again.

I think I’d suggest there wouldn’t be a need to stick to a fixed list, which gives us a chance to experiment a bit and also adds another element different to a normal one day event.


I’ve really cooled on Armada, unfortunately, but I’d be happy to lend/sell my Imperial bits to anyone that wanted to give it a try or get into the game.