Sigmar on 5th December


Anyone fancy a game on Wednesday ?


Obviously this week’s gone but I can give you a game on the 12th if you fancy it?


Can’t make the 12th mate. it’s Sarah’s Mum’s funeral.


Ahhh ok sorry to hear that mate,maybe the following?


I’ll have to let you know on that one. If my Blood Bowl opponent is fit I will need to get a Perpetual League playoff game in


Lewis if this falls through I’ll play you using blades of khorne


Hi Lew. You still up for a game on Wednesday? Do you want to do 1500 or 2000 points? Also, are you cool with me fielding the Reaper Bolt Thrower for the old (pre deletion) points level of 120?


Hello mate sorry for late reply I never got an email saying you replied,I’ve already sorted a game with mrB