Soul Wars Stormcast sale or trade


I’m probably going to get the Soul Wars boxed game for Age of Sigmar when it comes out, is there anyone else who is getting a set but doesn’t want the Nighthaunt models and is willing to do a straight swap for my Stormcast?

Failing that, is there anyone who is interested in buying the new Stormcast models from me?


Were you wanting to keep the book/s from the set or just the models?


Planning on keeping everything except the Stormcast models.


How much would you want for the Stormcast models?


I think £30 sounds fair.


I’d be interested if you include the Stormcast warscrolls


Sure, I won’t be needing them.


Hi Jonathan. Will you have the Stormcast models with you tomorrow (if indeed you’re coming tomorrow)?


I will be there tomorrow. Haven’t had a chance to go to Kirton to pick them up yet but assuming someone from the store makes their usual delivery to the club I’ll be able to hand them over to you when I get them.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Jonathan, was there a Stormcast transfer sheet in the box?


Just checked and there was a small transfer sheet at the bottom of the box. I’ll bring it in for you tomorrow.


Mark I’ll bring the celestant prime in tonight for you.