Space marine army for sale


Hey guys

I have a space marine army for sale, consisting of the following models:

Most are primed mechanicus standard grey as I was planning on making a red scorpions army. The lieutenants and intercessor sergeants have red scorpion heads from the FW honour guard kit (I’ll include the normal heads too)

Primaris captain (converted from primaris ancient)
2x primaris lieutenants
captain in gravis armour (on sprue)
2x 5 intercessors
5x helblasters
3x inceptors (2 on sprues)
redemptor dreadnought with heavy gatling cannon (not glued & plasma cannon included)
Sevrin loth
red scorpion transfer sheet
index imperial 1

looking for £99 for the lot, I believe it’s worth about £140 new. I will give preference to anyone who wants all of it. However if I decide to split it, these are the chunks I’d split it into and the prices:

primaris space marines: £38
dreadnought £30
sevrin loth £18
RS transfer sheet £14
index imperial 1 £9


Still available I’m very interested