Star Wars Armada Corellian Conflict campaign?


Just testing the water to see if anyone is up for kicking this off? Word on the street says Gareth is keen?


ye hes got the set and was looking to do it soon after a few of us finish the kingdom of death campaign


I would be interested just as long as I can fit it around the Blood Bowl league.


i was discussing with gareth abt this its why we’re waiting till kingdom of death is done we were looking at every other week



Finally managed to get registered on the website!

Ok - the plan;

The intention is to use a slightly modified version of the Correllian conflict rules as detailed in the campaign pack.


The initial core of the campaign will be as many Armada players as we can scrounge up - divided as evenly as possible between Rebel and Imperial factions - with one Team leader nominated for each side.

Each player will be asked to provide a 400pt Armada list which will form their initial fleet. This doesn’t change ‘per se’ from game to game unless you buy new fleets, refit existing ones, or your ships explode.

Under normal rules the fleet can not increase beyond 400pts. However we have a lot of experience with 500+pt fleets so I’m officially lifting this restriction to 600pts Max fleet size.

Unique upgrades (such as ship titles) and characters can only be taken once throughout the entire team. This also goes for Darth Vader (who has an admiral version and a fighter version). One and only one of those can be taken for the entire Imperial fleet.

We’ll be using the forum to discuss between everyone who gets what. (as well as tactics, long term plans, etc, etc)

All other set up rules (such as bases etc) will follow the standard Campaign pack rules.


For those who haven’t got the Campaign pack, the system is relatively simple. Everyone meets up and then the Rebel side picks a planet to target and a player to conduct the mission. The Imperials pick a player to defend. Then the Imperials pick a planet to target and a player to lead the attack and the rebels pick a player to defend.

This continues until everyone has a game.

I also propose that we include Imperial Assault and Xwing players by the following means;

Xwing and Imp Assault players form their own ‘player pools’ and pair off in the same manner as the Armada players. Xwing and Imp Assault players are not restricted to fleet/force choices and may switch around happily from game to game (its assumed they fight around the big fleet battles).

Each Xwing game win allows the winning side to select one enemy held planet that they have ‘Raided’. That planet provides no extra resource points bonus for this campaign turn.

Each Imp Assault win allows the winning side to pick an opposing Armada player. On the NEXT campaign turn, one of their upgrade cards (as chosen by the opposing player) is blanked and has no effect on the game that turn. This can include the opposing Admiral card.

Resource and all other Campaign rules remain the same as described in the Campaign pack.

We’ll be aiming for a bi weekly meet up for playing the games, probably starting in March.

Any thoughts or questions so far?


… Can “Auxiliary X-Wing Players” be Scum?


Yep no problem at all :slight_smile:


I would be interested, I have about the same amount of Rebel & Imperial stuff so could probably play for either side. Not quite sure how many points I have but sure I can mange at least 400.

Would also be interested in taking part as an X-Wing player.


Alright, you’ve twisted my arm. Count me in for the Galactic Empire


How are we gonna handle titles and unique officers etc? Are we going to allow them to show up in multiple peoples’ lists?


Titles and Unique officers are literally unique across the entire combined faction fleet. So there can only be 1 demolisher for example.

That said, I’m not sure about the Interdictors unique upgrades (aside from its title). I think we can forgive those if needed as they are somewhat integral.