Star Wars Campaign - Corellian Conflict - Recruitment stage


This will be the official Campaign update thread for the Corellian conflict campaign scheduled for March 2017. If you would like to be involved in this either as an Armada player or as an auxiliary Xwing/Imp. Assault player please say so here and register which side you will be playing and which Admiral you will be using.

First come first serve.


well you know im in i will go rebels with ackbar as i have rebels in xwing aswell


I’m happy to be an auxiliary X-wing player. I’m happy to do any of the three factions. The one “rider” I have is that I’ll be prioritising the Rygas Cup.


I’ll sign up for the Imperials. No idea which Admiral though - I’ll pick from whatever’s left.


Just confirming some Updates;

Josh is signed up for the Rebellion using General Rieekan

Jon C is with the Imperials using Lord Vader

That gives us 2 Imperials and 2 Rebels + 1 confirmed Xwing player +1 player who can do either side (me)

Anyone else interested?


Just to let everyone know - I’ll be bringing in the roster sheets for all the Armada admirals for this week coming. If anyone else would like to join please let me know as soon as possible!


I’ll go with Screed unless anyone else was wanting to use 'im?


Awesome! I should be there (if a little late)

When do we think we’ll start?


22nd I think.
I’m running a little late to tonight! Should be there just after 7!


Just confirming! Starting the campaign next week - Dopey has kindly agreed to stand in for the 3rd Rebel player (potentially swapping out here and there as availability allows).

I’ve put together a fast close range brawler fleet for him - alongside a healthy selection of decent fighter craft (ewings mostly) and led by Mon Mothma. He has the Foresight and Quantum storm title cards on two of his ships as well.

Edit: He also is using Gold Squadron and Lt Blount as unique fighter squadrons!

I’m also confirming my own fleet will be using Moff Jejerrod, but has no title cards presently. I do have the unique Tie Defender squadron whose name escapes me.

Let the war for the Corellian system begin :slight_smile:


The Emperor’s made a critical error, and the time for our attack has come.


Another quick update! Chris (Oakley) has joined for the Empire. I’ll be cobbling together a fleet for him a little later. Could Jon and Scott please confirm whether or not they took Major Rhymer?

As a result of this, I’ve asked Dave B to create a spare Rebel fleet to balance out the force.


Yes, I took Major Rymer. I also have Darth Vader and the Avenger as unique cards.


Only Demolisher in mine :smiley:


Ok I’ve constructed a fleet for Chris. For the record he is using a fleet led by Admiral Motti, utilising the Impetuous title card (Raider), and 2 unique squadrons (the Decimator and Lambda uniques) plus Agent Kallus, Admiral Chiraneau and Director Isard

To compensate for this imperial reinforcement, I’ve also been asked to make up a Rebel fleet to bolster the insurgency in the sector. They are led by Garm Bel Iblis, and use the Mon Karren title (MC 70 class) and Phoenix Home (Pelta). This is a spare fleet, and available to use either as reinforcement for an existing fleet or for an additional player.

So for a quick list of the unique forces currently involved;

Admiral Screed
Darth Vader
Moff Jejerrod
Admiral Motti
Marek Steele (Defender)
Morna Kee (Decimator)
Colonel Jendon (Lambda)
Sabre Squadron (Interceptor)
Major Rhymer (Bomber)
Avenger (ISD)
Impetuous (Raider)
Demolisher (Gladiator)
Director Isard
Agent Kallus
Admiral Chiraneau

Admiral Ackbar
Mon Mothma
Garm Bel Iblis
Commander Sato
Foresight (MC30)
Quantum Storm (transport)
Mon Karren (MC80 Star cruiser)
Salvation (Nebulon)
Phoenix Home (Pelta)
Green Squadron (Awing)
Gold Squadron (Ywing)
Lt Blount (Z95)
Tycho (Awing)
Hera Syndulla (Ghost)

I do not have full lists for Scotty, Jon or Dave B to hand, so if any of you have additional unique titles or squadrons not mentioned, please let me know!

As a final note - A couple of tweaks to the basic campaign rules;

  • The initial campaign rules account for 6 players (we now have 8) so I am increasing the Final Victory Points required to win the campaign to 15points total from 12.

  • As stated earlier, but just to confirm. Maximum fleet size is 600pts not 500pts. However all models must be represented. I’m happy to lend out some, but I only have so many models myself so please do feel free to invest a little in your own fleets if you find you are thoroughly enjoying the game! (insert plug for Kirton games here)

  • As we have an odd number of players at present - and just as a general rule whenever there is an odd number of players on an Armada week - Each campaign turn we will combine 2 fleets from each side together for a 2v2 game. This will allow one side to have 2 players working together, and the other side to use 2 fleets under command of 1 person. In this instance, each turn you would activate 1 ship from each ‘fleet’ involved (ie, the side with 2 players would activate a ship each, while the side with the single player would activate a ship from each of the fleets they are commanding).
    In theory then, each campaign turn would have 2 normal battles and 1 large. If we coerce/pressgang/recruit another rebel player than it would revert to normal rules and be 4 normal games between everyone per turn.

  • Rules questions should be directed at Dave B or myself if the rulebook is not clear :slight_smile:


Awesome, sounds good to me :smiley:

We’ll just rock/paper/scissors for any unique stuff in the new wave, right?


Only if First come First serve doesn’t work :wink:

Still, there isn’t likely to be much unique stuff that will be fought over - just titles and the odd crewman I think. We have already picked admirals (I am jealous the rebels are getting Honda though)


So… I’ve downloaded the rules! … I’ll put them under my pillow tonight… that’s how you learn 'em, right?


Dave, Scotty and Jon!

Please dont forget to select your fleets mission cards! There is a set of spaces allocated for them on your roster sheet.

Josh - you’ll need to pick some tomorrow from the remaining in my deck.

I’ve deliberately picked different missions for each fleet I’ve constructed for various people so that each player can keep the appropriate mission card handy on their table for easy reference - rather than have to share it with 1+ other tables.


That or Osmosis :wink: