Star Wars Campaign - Corellian Conflict - Recruitment stage


i didn’t know we were playing babylon 5


Well you see thats where its all been going wrong Dave :wink:


Regrettably I can’t make it again, apologies! I’ll be along briefly to cheer the rebellion along.



The Rebellion falters!

In two large engagements, Rebel and Imperial forces clashed in the 5th week of fighting for control of the Corellian sector.
Once again Admiral Ackbar - this time gathering the capital ships of Garm Bel Iblis to him - launched a full scale assault against Corellia. Lord Vader, supported by Admiral Screed ambushed the Rebel fleet en route, destroying the Phoenix home and Dodonna’s pride, before leaving the rest of the Rebel fleet scarred and crippled.

In retaliation, Moff Jejerrod, alongside Admiral Motti, launched a campaign to clear the Sanhereling Asteroid field of a suspected Rebel outpost. The Rebels had hidden a sizeable fighter force within the belt and under the direction of Mon Mothma and Admiral Sato, the Rebels swiftly overwhelmed the Imperial fighter screen. However, despite their best efforts, they could not counter the firepower massed against them and several ships were heavily damaged before the Rebels were forced to withdraw, abadoning the outpost in the region.

Emboldened, the Empire has declared its intention to launch a full scale assault against the Rebellion - a final battle that will decide the Corellian conflict once and for all. Such a move is not without risk, for if the Rebellion can beat off the concentrated might of the Imperial fleet, they may yet break the back of the Empire in the Corellian sector. Hope is not yet lost - but it is fading.


Did anybody pick up my laser tool last night? I think I left it behind :confused:


Yes - Its in my Armada box

It will be released when it reveals the location of the secret rebel base


Given my current loyalty to the rebellion, I’ll give you the location, postcode, front door key and wifi password to the secret rebel base in exchange… (thanks Gareth!)


many bothans died

I prob spelt that wrong lol


Just a heads up for those who werent there this weds - the rough plan for the final game of the campaign is to organise a game over Saturday 21st of this month. Nothing is completely confirmed as yet, so if you cant attend please let us know ahead of time!


Should that be Sunday 21st May and not Saturday?


Yes… Sorry :slight_smile:


Think I’m available on the 21st… need to cross check with the boss


Should be OK here.


As should I!


What time is this happening on Sunday, dudes? … and to be absolutely sure, it’s being held at Kirton, right?


Yep - with a bit of jiggery pokery, this has been confirmed for;

10am onwards
Kirton Games

See you there!


I’ve had a misadventure involving large quantities of rum so I may be a bit late…


I’ve been put in the sin bin for an hour. I’d start without me dudes.


Despite the valiant efforts of the Alliance, Corellia has fallen to the Empire.
A massive imperial onslaught saw the loss of almost the entire rebel fleet, with only scattered survivors led by Garm Bel Iblis escaping Imperial clutches. Though the Imperials suffered heavy damage - particularly among their fighter fleet and including a spectacular attack by the Mon Karren that destroyed 2 Arquiten light cruisers - there was no denying the Imperials a massive victory.

Thank you all for playing! :slight_smile:


Thanks for organising the campaign Gareth.:smiley:

Pictures up on facebook in case anyone hasn’t seen them already: