Star Wars Game For May 2nd



Anyone interested in a Star Wars Game for May 2nd?

I’ve got some new xwing ships to try out or happy to play some imperial Assault , armada, legion. Though I’m still a rookie


Doh… got the wrong date… changed to the 2nd


Hi Rog.

I’ve arranged to play Imperial Assault with Rich on May 2nd but happy to play you another week. Hopefully he will have imparted some of his wisdom to me and I will be a pro by then :slight_smile:



Sounds good… I’ve gotta break the seal on my imperial assault pack which is riding around in my boot!

Got some new ships to try out in xwing too


Roger mate you’re more than welcome to join Phil for the ia demo Wednesday, it’ll probably run better with the two of you both being new as well if you’re up for it?



Thanks Rich… that’ll be fab

I was actually going to suggest something similar!!!

Cya tomorrow


Sounds great, I’ll be there from about 7pm guys once I’ve got my daughters in bed.


Will be there around the same time. See you guys tomorrow👍