Star wars gaming nights


Hi im looking at setting up star wars gaming nights in Newton Abbot and wondered if there would be any interest in this. Looking at Tues or Friday nights so as not to interfere with other groups. The link to the group is:

If you would like to arrange regular games let me know.
Ill be coming in a couple of weeks to check out Rygas for the first time so hope to meet up with you guys for games


Hi Benchy

I’m just a Star Wars gamer, so always happy to have options for games and I work in Teignmouth, so Newton Abbot is close to me… if you wanna set up games for Rygas feel free to let me know… i also play occasionally up at Kirton Games in Credition (want to go up more this year since i wanna try to play some Legion)


The more options for us star wars gamers the better, im looking at checking out Rygas week after next as im on holiday but more regular games a bit closer to home would also be good. Ive been to Kirton a few times but cant make the star wars nights on thursdays and quite a drive from Newton unfortunatly but a great friendly group of guys up there, always welcoming.