Star Wars Gaming?


Hi… Short term lurker rookie here… was recommended by Lewis (one of my brothers friends)

I’ve never played a table top game before, but with all the news of Star Wars Legion in the past few months, I’ve been reading up/watching videos on the game, plus I’ve been looking at X-Wing/Destiny and other Star Wars titles. And am looking for somewhere to play, i’ve noticed you’ve been posting content on the Facebook page about X-Wing, so was looking to get into the star wars gaming scene.

I’ve also been looking at the Star Wars nights at Kirton Games on Thursdays, but that would require me to drive from Paignton, where as I can get to you guys on a Wednesday after work which is in Teignmouth, so its easier for me :slight_smile: I noticed lots of cross promotion between you and them, so thought i’d just dip a toe in…

So I’m just inquiring if Star Wars games are played each week at Rygas…? I haven’t purchased anything yet as I’m a total newb and want to see how it all works before diving in…

thanks for listening…


HI Rog, welcome to the forum! :smiley:

There is usually a game of one of the various Star Wars systems going on each week. X-Wing and Imperial Assault are the ones that get played the most at our club, but there are also a few Destiny players and it’s not uncommon to see the stuff for that come out once players have finished their main game of the evening. Armada is not played very often, but we have 4 or 5 players that are very interested in it and would like the opportunity to play someone new if you are interested in that system.

Obviously Legion has just been released so it’s a bit early to say how popular it will be. I haven’t spoken to many club members about it but I’m sure some of them are interested.

Personally I play X-Wing and Armada and always happy to give someone a game when I have a free week.

If you have time, it would be a good idea to pop into the club on spec and talk to our members about what games they are interested in. A lot of people will have a large enough collection that they could offer you a demo game if they get enough advance notice.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask more questions.



Hi Rog

Similar to Jonathan I play a lot of the Star Wars games. Mostly X-wing & Destiny but I have fairly recently started playing IA and have demoed Legion.

Like Jonathan, I’d also be happy to chat with you at the club and see what games you might like.

From experience X-Wing and Destiny are probably the quickest and cheapest to get into though with Legion being new everyone is learning it at the moment so now is a good time to get into it.

We have a core group who play Imperial Assault and we could introduce you to Rich who is a great teacher of the game and is keen to get people into it (He also has a YouTube channel of IA games which is a good way to see how the game is played)

X-WING and IA are probably the most popular of the SW games at the moment. Then Armarda and Destiny. Legion is a bit unknown at the moment as it only released on Thursday so it’s a wait and see but I know Kirton have sold some copies so there will be some players out there in the area :slight_smile:


Thanks guys for getting back to me. That sound good…Im planning on visiting on Wednesday to have a chat and see the games in action. I’m Coming in completely green, so it’s all a steep learning curve right now.

I’ve been watching lots of intro/beginner videos on YouTube to get to grips with some of the basics.

I’m also do YouTube/podcasts etc so I’ll be sure to have a look for Rich’s channel


Hi Rog,

Just to say I’m good to play X-Wing on the 4th. I’ll bring a selection of intro ships.

If I have space, I’ll also pack some Destiny so you can take a look at that.




Awesome thank you.

Thanks to everyone last night. Was great


Glad you enjoyed it Roger mate, was great to meet another Star Wars fan and hopefully we’ll see you around again soon. :slight_smile:

We’ll be back to playing Imperial Assault again this week if you’d like to give it another go or alternatively I’m sure the guys will be more than happy to give you an X-Wing demo.



Thanks Rich

Jim is going to be showing me more of X-Wing & Destiny, plus Gareth has said he is happy to demo Armada soon as well… Thanks again, looking forward to learning more about Imperial Assault at some point…