Stormcast Eternal torsos abs shoulder pads


Anyone happen to know an easy way I could get 4x Stormcast Eternal Torsos and 4x pairs of shoulder pads? … bonkers conversion project I’m working on!

Doc Dopey


I’ve got one of the Liberator (hammer dudes) that were getting given away with something that you can have. You might need to take a saw or something to it though, its only in about 3 pieces.

Or if you wanted to go halves on these dudes, I’m just after the birdies if the SC bits would work for whatever conversion you’ve got planned?


Yep - that would work Scotty!


Awesome, but uh…which one? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m happy to go halves - do Kirton sell those?

… i just need the torsos and the pads… you would be welcome to any or all on the other bits


Nutz! Only three torsos - that wouldn’t work after all


Drat. oh well.