Stuff for sale


Thought I’d stick this on here before I put them on eBay.

I’m selling off some stuff (Making room for new toys, like Sigma stuff!)

2 x First Order TIE Fighters, I have the dials/bases but no pilot cards or upgrades £10 for the pair.

Forge World Ork Warboss on bike (Painted as a Deathskull) £15

10 Plastic Ork Storm Boyz (Again painted as Deathskulls) £10

Ork Trukk (Painted, Deathskulls) £10

I can bring stuff to the club on Wednesday if anyone wants a look.



Interested in your ork stuff,will be at the club Wednesday…i haven’t a clue about 40k but guess with 8th edition dropping and everyone swapping boxes i maybe inclined to build something different to them.


Hi, yeah still have all the Ork stuff so can bring it on Wednesday. The new 40K looks fairly easy to get into as they’ve slim-lined the rules some what. I may have some more Ork stuff so will bring that along as well if I find anymore.