Tau empire army for sale


Hey guys

I am selling my farsight tau army

It’s around 2000 points and is mostly painted to a tabletop standard

I’ve got

  • commander (finecast) currently loaded out as a mark’o drone commander

  • coldstar commander, with magnetised jetpacks, burst cannon and missile pod

  • Riptide with magnetised ion accelerator, heavy burst cannon also included

  • Ghostkeel with ion raker and twin linked fusion blaster

  • 2 crisis suits with 2 missile pods

  • 2 crisis suits with 2 plasma rifles

  • 1 crisis suit with 2 fusion blasters

  • 1 crisis suit with magnetised weapons (2 airburst fragmentation projectors or 2 fusion blasters)

  • 3 crisis suits with 2 cyclic ion blasters (weapons not glued on) - these 3 suits are only base coated

  • 3 stealth suits with burst cannons

  • 3 stealth suits with 2 burst cannons, 1 fusion blaster

  • 5 pathfinders with 3 ion rifles

  • 5 pathfinders with 3 rail rifles

  • 6 markerlight drones

  • 3 broadsides with high yield missile pods and smart missiles

  • 3 sniper drones and a marksman

  • 3 sniper drones and a marksman (converted from scratch)

Also included:

  • Codex Tau, the latest codex
  • Tau empire datacards (warlord traits and tactical objective cards)

I will also include some electric blue vallejo paint I have used to airbrush the models as well as a guide for the colour scheme the army has

Finally, the army includes 2 KR multicase boxes (standard card) one with grey (non KR) foam, cut to carry the riptide, ghostkeel and commanders and the other which has KR foam.

All together it’s over £700 worth of stuff

If you want more pictures or want to see any of it at the club, let me know