Team news by Modus Blockerandi


Journalier cousins drafted for Blockerandi After the success of Journaliers Bravo and Charlie in the last round, their cousins Delta and Echo have made the team for the clash against the Rabble.

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup X Feed


@Dopey If you know what inducements you want for your 120k I’ll print the team sheets for tomorrow.


Ooo! 120k! I shall have a think


FANATIC! Oh, you can’t have those :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Argh! I can’t decide. But I have printed off the sheets as they are.


The printer was unattended at work so I printed them!

I can’t see a Star Player for less than 150k anyway, and they’re the inducements that are useful to reference on the team sheets.


Actually, forgot you could throw some of your treasury in for BB2016! Let me know if you’re taking a Star Player and I’ll try for a re-print!


Yeah, I have a number of options for the game itself, but also have to think strategically about the rest of the season… #DeadKnightsPlayNoGames