Terrain and Gaming Table plus Deadzone


Hi guys,


Deadzone stuff - £100 - Worth about £400ish retail(Includes good amount of painted terrain usable for 40k)

Gaming Table - £50

I bought into this heavily at Kickstarter and have about £400 worth of stuff, all the factions, tons of terrain (Built, about 4 big pieces painted, and another couple of smaller pieces unpainted)

Just want to get rid now as it’s taking up so much space. Happy to bring it into the club some time if anyone is interested but would like to get £100 for the lot.

Hopefully someone will be interested in it for the terrain, you can view the rest of the Deadzone stuff as freebies!

I’ll take some pics of terrain tomorrow or can bring along to the club if I have genuine interest (it’s a lot to carry)

I also have a painted modular gaming board, 6*4 that I just never get use out of that I’d like to sell. Looking for £40 for this.