The Bugman’s Full Beard Cup



Is anyone planning to go to the The Bugman’s Full Beard Cup in November?

I can’t go but was wondering what people thought about the rumours that they might launch the new box set there.


:smiley: Blood Bowl Stag Do anyone?!


You can’t marry Blood Bowl, we’ve been through this.


Upon a cursory look at the rulebook, they seem to have added two coaching staff “Hunchbacked Henchman” and “Goblin Bribery Agent”… Are there any other interesting things? … Let’s read on!


Wording suggests that “Special Play Cards” will play a bigger role in the new game. They could well be different to those in CRP.

… You can “add” the “free gift” card from the Full Beard Cup to your standard deck that you get with the new game release.