The smoke is starting to clear!


BB: Well Jim, several close games this Round and then ending with a trouncing! BOOM! Just one Round left!

JJ: Yes Bob, the smoke is starting to clear! The Rabble and the Slannboys are the only teams to have qualified so far and will play each other in the last Round to determine who has bragging rights going into the Playoffs.

BB: Huh? There must be more teams than that in the semis!

JJ: Indeed Bob, we also have four teams fighting it out for the remaining two spots.

Blockerandi need 7 points from their last game against the Muppetts to be assured of qualifying. Otherwise they need two of the chasing three teams to fail to close the gap.

Harlequins have now beaten their two closest rivals back-to-back and have climbed into the playoff spots. They still have destiny in their own hands, but need a 34 point win to be absolutely safe. If they lose or draw, then they could be overtaken by the Disorders and/or the Muppetts. If the Harlequins win, they could also climb ahead of Blockerandi if the Bretonnians lose.

Disorders will likely need the Harlequins to slip up as the Disorders begin the last Round with a 3 point deficit. It could come down to bonus points! The Disorders have to additionally keep the Muppetts behind them, but this time enjoy a 3 point cushion. The Disorders could also qualify with a large win if Blockerandi lose.

The Muppetts are the last team that can qualify, but likely need a win and for both the elf teams to fail to win. If the Muppetts draw, then they’ll likely qualify if both the elf teams lose.

The Interceptors and the Cir-cuss have been eliminated, but are in a scrap between themselves to see who will face Blockerandi for the Triple Skulls Trophy. Current holders, the Interceptors, have a slender 2 point advantage going into that battle.

BB: Enough cake hole action, Jim; I wanna see some more BLOOOODDD BOOOWWWLLLLLL