Thoughts for replacement scenery


The scenery is looking a little tired. Requirements for scenery is that it must be robust. What do you think about this.


Looks nice, but will MDF really be more resilient than GW plastic?

I assume this is primarily for 40k, as many of the terrain pieces we have for that game have seen a lot of use and are in serious need of renovation. I have several at home that I haven’t had the time to work on. Whilst I expect the terrain requirements for the next edition of 40k won’t be much different, it may be worth waiting for the rules to come out so we can see how it interacts in the game as it may influence what we think we need.


Yes, I was thinking specifically about the 40k scenery which is in need of an overhaul. I take what you say about mdf. My real concern with the scenery G’dub make is that it is full of knobbly bits that break off the first time you go to store them. I really liked the scenery Fred had, but cannot source it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Happy to throw a bit of money at ROBUST terrain.


the new Shadow War Armageddon scenery is modular so it comes apart, easy to break down and pack up. The promethium relay pipes and ammo crates / containers go well with it.


I actually have a set of the armoured containers on my painting table at the moment which I hope to have finished for the club by the time the new edition comes in.

Dave - I think I know the terrain you are referring to as Kirton Games also use some on their gaming tables. I think I may have found it here (the Gothic Ruin sets look very similar):

I think MDF would also be acceptable, providing it is only stored with other MDF terrain. If you mix it in with plastic or heavier terrain its more likely to get bashed. We do have a box of MDF buildings and fortifications already and they seem to have held up reasonably well, only getting damaged because the box got dropped.


As much as I like the look of the MDF stuff, I don’t think it’ll survive very long. The other MDF gear we’ve got has lasted pretty well partly because it hasn’t been used very much.

I reckon we’re better off going for something along the lines of the Pegasus plastics, or something like the more heavy-duty (I think ceramic? materials aren’t my strong suit…) ruins that we’ve picked up in the past. They will be a lot more expensive though, and could potentially do a lot more damage if thrown in with plastics/mdf scenery.


Good points all. Now I just need to find a cheap access to Pegasus terrain.


I’ve been trying to get hold of a Wizards tower from Pegasus for the last few days, still trying


We already have a Pegasus wizard tower.


The Pegasus stuff is elusive. I’ll email a couple of suppliers, however it would be worth emailing them in the US to find out about UK stockists especially any that carry the Gothic Building range?


I’ve contacted a supplier and asking whether we could place a big enough order to qualify for a bulk-buy discount. He says the buildings are never ordered in enough quantity by the UK Pegasus distributor…stupid man!!


Guess we could order enough to make it worth while. Just don’t want to pay stupid amounts of import tax.


In the meantime, I’ll try and make an effort to finish the terrain pieces I have at home so we at least have a bit more to choose from. Once they are done, I could take away some of the damaged terrain currently at the club for a refresh.


The supplier based in the UK so hopefully no import tax, I’ll see if there are other UK based companies who have it in stock.