Time for a Revamp?


I’ll be honest, I think this website sucks.
First of all, it’s ‘Insecure’ … user unfriendly and … how the hell do you log out ???
There are posts here from September 2016 … shouldn’t it be kept lean and mean ??

There has to be a far better way / system for us all to converse. Technology has actually improved over the last 6 years.


I am tempted to agree. Do you have a better (low cost) option?


The other wargaming group that meets at our place use Groups.io

Not sure what their pricing is like compared to other systems. Hard for me to look at same as I’m in a field in the middle of nowhere with a very weak signal for next few days.


That appears to be a replacement for a Google Group/ e-mail list rather than a Bulletin Board on steroids like this.
I doubt most folks here even know what some of the things you can integrate into the Groups are and the pricing appears to start from $20/month.


Discord is a good thing to use for groups, basic is free as well


Discord would be great!


I can sort out a Discord if there are people that would use it. I’ve got a channel that I used for Squadrons a couple of years ago and could re-purpose that?


Discord sounds like a Top Idea to me … have used it before in gaming, very interactive and it’s also secure … which this website is not.


OK, here you go, you can use this as a test to see if it’s liked by enough people to persist with.

Let me know if there are any channels that you’d like to add.

There’s a couple of people already on there but it hasn’t really been used in a while