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A combination of work and holidays mean I won’t be back to the club till May. Work is continuing to rob my time. Regrettably, I believe that it is time to step down as treasurer and pass to someone more reliable.



Well, if I count as reliable I’m willing to step up if nobody else does.

Previous experience includes -
Commanding Offices of Col.Thos. Laghtnan’s Regiment, Sealed Knot. Ultimately responsible for Regimental funds and ratifying Treasurer’s Report, reporting to the Board of Directors of the Charity. (Funds circa £1,000, turnover circa £500 PA).
1 of 3 signatories on Bank Account (Perm any 1 of 3). 7 years.

Treasurer for Second Wind Ultimate Frisbee Club. (Funds circa £500, turnover circa £300 PA)
1 of 3 signatories on Bank Account (Perm any 2 of 3). 3 years.

I am fully aware (however) that I am still a relative newbie at Ryga’s compared to some who may be willing to take on the post, and offer if nobody more senior in the club is willing to take this on.



Thanks for all you have done Dave, you’ve been an awesome treasurer! Gutted for you that you can’t spend as much time gaming!

Santa, I believe you’d be a very good treassurer however I think it should be a club vote for the position.

Maybe people could put themselves forward here and we ballot it on a club night?


It goes without saying that Dave has done an excellent job, He’s always there at an appropriate time to ‘soft arm’ you for your subs :slight_smile:
I fully agree that the selection of Dave’s replacement should be a Club decision, I was just throwing my hat in the ring if nobody else takes up the mantle.
I know how difficult it can be to get people to commit to positions within a wholly voluntary Club, so I thought that I would just state that I was willing to take the position if I was deemed fit by the membership as a whole.
Not quite sure on the pro forma for this in the club, would it actually require an EGM to replace a Committee Post mid term?


You’re right, volunteers can be hard to come by, so I’m glad you have stepped forward!

If I recall from the Club Constitution the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary require a vote at the AGM or an EGM.

We don’t really have a Club Secretary anymore so it’s sort of the Committee No.3.

I think a ballot at an EGM is probably most appropriate but I’ll defer to the committee to decide.


You can run votes on the forum if that helps.

Also, I’m fairly sure that, pursuant to section 12c of sub-section D, any currently unpaid subs at the time of treasurer switchover are thereby, hereto and wherewithal declared null and void. Verily.

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Dave is this just a temp situation at the mo or likely to be ongoing situation. if its a temp situation why not elect a secondary treasurer to cover when Dave is away we could do with it anyway so its not down to one person every week to collect the subs


That makes a lot of sense.

@David_Olorenshaw could you outline what it is that the treasurer needs to do so that

  1. People know what they’re volunteering for, and
  2. The duties of a Treasurer’s Gimp could be considered


Looks like I will miss at least one night a month and frequently two. Therefore it is untenable to carry on. The role is…

Collect money.
Maintain a register of who has paid and what you have done with the money.
Nag those who owe.
When the box gets too heavy to lift, take money to bank.
The club is paid automatically some of their money, we have to hand over an extra £40 a month in cash, because I cannot work out how to change the standing order.
I tend to buy things for the club myself and then take the cash from the box. This is because we do not have on-line banking.
Once a year give a review of accounts to the club members.
Be appropriately prudent with the clubs money. Some club members would spend everything tomorrow if you let them.



Dave, is it your intention to stand down from the committee altogether, or just the role of Treasurer? If the latter, we could switch roles on the committee if that option interests you.

In the interim, I’m happy to keep hold of the cash tin and collect money on weeks you aren’t there.