Troll for hire


Does anyone have a BB Troll that I could potentially borrow for Wednesday? It seems that I have the option of bringing along Ugroth for my match against Jon. :slight_smile:
#3 Trolls


It’s a converted one but I can bring along Wun (with his pet fish Hubert)


Hi Robin,
As long as he/she/it looks suitably troll-ish I’m sure that will be fine :slight_smile:
I might not end up using it, but at the moment I am just eyeing up my options!

Cheers for the offer, if you could bring with that would be grand


I have one, but I may conveniently ‘forget’ to bring it. :wink:


Too late, I’ve already been offered one by someone more reliable :stuck_out_tongue:


Well he’s been made from the river troll kit (hence his pet fish) with savage ork shields as body armour. He looks the part in a savage ork team but will probably look like one of your troll’s yokel cousins come into the big city from the old family farm XD


Might be worth asking Katie Hopkins if she’s free. She certainly needs the money!


I got a rockgut you can borrow?


I can bring one, just in case…


It’s a troll off…may the best troll win!


Hmmm, I wonder if Jon would notice if I fielded 6 trolls? :open_mouth:


Depends what sort of day at work I’ve had…


All six Really Stupid would probably happen!


Can’t Happen, Read the (new) rules for Ugroth, he isn’t Really Stupid! Apparently he can talk and everything :wink: