Unpainted\Badly painted miniatures at eXe-Bowl


I am unlikely to get round to properly painting my (James’) Skaven before eXe-Bowl or indeed ever. Do you reckon it’s better to slop some brown on so that they are technically painted or go au naturale?


Hmmm… If I am not mistaken, the rules say to have a painted team. … I guess the rationale is, if everybody showed up with bare metal, it would make it hard to identify the players.

There is a nominal “3 colour minimum” … But spray canning them brown would probably do.

… If more time, you could black wash and top highlight with a white dry brush. Both of those techniques are dead quick and give surprising good results.

… Then if you painted the bases green, you’d have a reasonable looking team :slight_smile: #Bodgetastic


I have a fully painted Skaven team I can loan!


But you have to promise to lose to me! :grinning:


Mighty kind of you! That does seem preferable to dousing James’ models in mud. I’ll buy you a pint or battered sausage.


Pint accepted. I will pop them in my car for next time I see you.


I don’t currently have a skitter stab stab figure. If you have one, I can paint to match my team or (if it ever comes) I should get one from a Kickstarter, but it will probably not arrive before Exebowl.


Might re-jig the roster then and get Hakflem seeing as I have his model.


I have a Skaven Assassin model that you could use as Skitter if you want. I’ll try and remember to bring it with me tomorrow so you can have a look.


Thanks guys!