Wanted storm bolters



hey guys has anyone got some storm bolters you are willing to part with.
right handed preferably but i can cut and convert if need be


I have loads from the top of the crates. Not sure if that’s helpful or not.


Na need ones with hands attached
I’ve got a few but need a few more
The only ones I can think of is ones from terminator kits then I can cut them at the wrist and stick them onto arms


Hi Dave. I might have a load left over from my deathwing. I’ll check for you tonight.

If i find them I cant get to the club this week (I’ve been moving house and things are still a bit chaotic) but can either pop them down next week or post them of you are in a rush.



Checked what I have. Got 6 storm bolters all right hand. One has the sight and full arm.


Make that 8 storm bolters. Found two more


No rush mate


No bother I’ll bring them with me next week.


Cheers mate


Hi Dave, have to work away tomorrow now so won’t be able to bring these bolters down. More than happy to post out though if you DM me an address you want me to send them to.


Na bring them on a club night I’m in no rush save the stamp