Wanted - X-Wing 2.0 Conversions


Just putting this out there, with 2.0 coming this week, I thought I’d pop a note on here regarding trying to buy some ships conversions and to see if anyone has got duplicates to sell. Since it doesn’t make much sense for me to buy a conversion kit for 1 or 2 ships for a faction.


Sabine’s TIE Fighter


Slave 1


IMPERIAL ACES PACK (181st Imperial Fighter Wing and the Emperor’s Royal Guard.)

IMPERIAL VETERANS PACK (TIE bomber and TIE defender)


Hi Rog,

I had thought I could accommodate you, but then I realised that (of course) you’ll only get one of each unique pilot per upgrade set. So for example, even though it says you can upgrade 2 Sabine’s TIEs, in reality you can’t split that in two.

… so you’ll need to find somebody who’s upgraded and that doesn’t have those particular ships.

Are you going to the launch tonight?



Thanks for the tip . Yeah those conversion kits aren’t as easy for swaps as I originally thought.

There are sellers on eBay selling cards, dials, upgrades . So I might just buy a pilot card, dial and base card for Sabine & slave 1, as work out about £3.50 for each ship. Doing that for 4 empire ships doesn’t seem as cost effective.


Yeah, same as Dopey, I thought I would be able to help you out with Sabine’s TIE at least but it doesn’t split down as easily as we thought it would. I’m also after extra Quadjumpers and TIE Interceptors myself, plus an extra TIE Defender.

Conversely, I have no need for my K-Wing, E-Wing, Auzituck, TIE Agressor, Decimator, IG-2000, Shadow Caster and Mist Hunter upgrades as for one reason or another I never got any of those ships. If these are of use to anyone let me know as I’m happy to sell or trade them.