Warhammer 40k on the 18th - 1500pts


anyone up for a casual game of warhammer 40k on the 18th ? 1500 pts . I’m playing Mordian Iron Guard.
simon the ratking


I have 1,500pts of Space Wolves, to fight you with if you would like?


sure ! not played 8th ed yet, so might need some coaching in the rules changes. see you on 18th at about 7. I’ll try and get in early and set up tables and terrain.


Dear Simon,

I wish to apologise for not playing last night, but I really hope you are having fun fighting James. I hope you are happy to face the might of my Space Wolves on the 9th Aug? I also wish to buy you a pint to apologise


do you mean the 8th of august? Thanks for getting back to me and thanks to James for the game and introducing me to 8th ed. don’t know what i make of the fundamental rules changes, but then again i have been playing on and off since 1st ed ! oh the simpler days. will try and get some cards . My Mordians seem to have vendetta on space wolves for some reason. at least no hideous chaos demons ! see you soon .
simon the rat catcher


Yeah sorry I meant the 8th as in the Wednesday :slight_smile:


Hi Simon are we still on Wednesday?


yep mate, see you there at club on Wednesday. bring my Mordians again, you still playing space wolves ? i’ll try and get in early. still not up to speed with 8th ed so may need some coaching


Yep still Space wolves :slight_smile: