Warhammer books for sale


Hi all,

I’m moving house soon and have had to make the choice between books or models and. The models won…

Let me know if you’re interested and i’ll bring to rygas



The picture hasn’t seemed to load. The list is:
All 3 Sanctus Reach campaign books - 2x hardbacks and a softback stormclaw book
All 3 shield of Baal campaign books - 2x hardback 2-part books and the deathstorm book
Blood angels 3rd Ed codex
Last days of ector novella
Wrath of Magnus softback
Waaagh ghazkul 6th Ed hardback
Waaagh ghazkul 7th Ed softback
Clan ruukan 6th Ed hardback
Daemonhunters 4/5th Ed?
Space marines 5th, 6th & 7th Ed
Angels of death softback
Deathwatch 7th Ed
Battle for maccragge rulebook
Operation shadow talon
7th Ed mini rulebook
Eldar 5th Ed
Visions of war art book

Ironwarp citadel Warhammer world exclusive
Stormcast eternals battle tome MKII

Warhammer fantasy battle rulebook 6th Ed