Warhammer quest silver tower sat 18th


Hello i see that you guys were doing a 30k game/tournament this Saturday 18th and someone posted that was aloud to maybe make use of the spare space in the room,so assuming that means if possible maybe arrange a silver tower game in the corner and if anyone wants to meet and play,itll be my girlfriend and I so 2 available slots plus we’ve never played it before so could be interesting to go through together as noobs or if anyone in the game knows how to play it would be awsome??


Hey Lewis, yeah the hall will be open for other games on Saturday. I think we’re in the other room (turn left at the bar, basically), just in case you come in and its all grannies playing bingo or a kids party or something…

I’m gonna be playing 30K this time, otherwise I’d be up for it. Hopefully some of the other guys’ll be around to chuck some dice with ya.


Thats cool mate no probs,what time have you got the room for?ill probably drop in check out what this 30k is anyway lol


Cool, think we should be opening up sometime between 9.00am and 9.30am