Warhammer Underworlds Tournament Wednesday 24th October


I’m planning on running another Quickfire (single game round) Warhammer Underworlds Tournament on the 24th for anyone interested. Will be a good excuse to try out the new Nightvault rules/release!

As usual we’ll aim for four rounds starting at 6:30, but late arrivals welcome! Kirton will provide a Promo Card for all participants. No experience necessary!

Facebook event below!



Sounds good Rob, been looking to give it another go. Do you know off the top of your head if you need the new starter set to play any of the new warbands coming out? Or could you potentially just get the magic dice?


Hi Scotty

I think you can get away with just the magic dice as all the tokens are the same from the first set

Count me in for this Rob.


Nice one, cheers Jim! Picked up Magore’s Fiends to tide me over until the Tzeentch-flavoured dudes come out :smiley:


Tentative yes for me!