Watch the Skies - Rygas 1st MEGA GAME - explanation and sign up


As some of you may have already noticed from myself and Dave O pottering around with weird counters and world maps and flags, we as a club are organising the clubs 1st Mega game in conjunction with the guys at Kirton games.

This will be on Sunday the 28th of May at Kirton Games store in Crediton, within easy walking distance of food, parking, etc.

A brief explanation of a Mega Game;
A Mega Game is a large pseudo board/role playing game which involves a massive number of players - in this case around 40 + organisers - trying to guide their teams through a specific scenario. In this case an ALIEN INVASION.
The players are organised into teams representing various countries around the globe - such as the UK, US, China, Russia, etc, with each team member assigned a specific role within the group (President, Defence Chief, UN Ambassador and Head Scientist). It will be the job of each team to accomplish a set of objectives which both rival other countries and also potentially pit them against the Aliens.
One team will represent the Aliens themselves, with their own mysterious set of objectives and agendas.

On top of that the organisers will be relaying other random crisis events from around the world and organising the World wide Press.

The rules are simple and easy to pick up on the day - and the organisers will be there to assist with any queries. Further, you’ll be able to negotiate with world powers, wield UN vetos, Unleash Nuclear strikes, declare war on rivals, send special agents and spec teams across the globe on covert missions of your own design, manipulate the press, arrange complex alliances, backstab your complex alliances, etc, etc…

Whichever team comes closest to completing their objectives by the end of a non specified number of turns will win the day.

Signing up
Each player will pay a nominal booking fee of £2 that will go towards Kirton games and Rygas to assist with running costs.
Ideally, we would suggest that you book in as a group (teams are generally 4) and you will be assigned a random Faction to play (dress up is thoroughly encouraged but not obligatory)

Individual players are still more than welcome to join in, and we will assign you into a team on the day.

If you know anyone who isn’t necessarily a club member but might still be interested, by all means please invite them along too!

If you are interested or have any questions please either post here or get hold of myself or Dave O at the Rygas club.


Sounds awesome, should be able to round up 3 other people for a team :smiley:


count me in


I’m in. What time is kickoff and any estimate on how long these things can take?


It would be reasonable to assume it would start at 9:00 and finish between 5:00 and 6:00. From the films I’ve seen of these events, it looks as if the time would fly by.

The “rules” are very easy and self evident. Effectively you are putting yourself in character for a day. It is up to the control team to find a way to enact anything you decide to try. For example you may decide that the president of the US is a pain in the ass, so you want to assassinate him. Set up a way of doing that, tell control and they will roll some dice and see what happens. It may result in you putting your puppet in place, or you may get caught and have to talk your way out of it to the press and the US army.


I’m in!


I’d be interested in taking part.


I’ll be dragging along three guys from outside the club, which should hopefully boos the numbers a wee bit. Who/when/how do we pay?


… Will there be a TV showing the Monaco Grand Prix? :smiley:


I could swoosh a vaccuum cleaner passed your head 70-odd times to recreate the effect if you like. Not sure I could recreate the sound of someone overtaking but that would only spoil the realism anyway.


Bring a laptop or pad watch it online


We could include the Monaco Grand prix as an in game event? Does that count? :slight_smile:

Kirton has confirmed as being happy to provide the location and the additional organisers needed -

I count 8 players so far just from the replies here. 20% capacity reached :slight_smile:

I’ll make an announcement for it at the club alongside Mr O tmw. As far as payments go - I’ll let Dave deal with that


Sorry, looks like I’m back to being a maybe.
stupid children and their stupid birthdays.


Can’t make club tonight, but Gareth knows all the real info. Stupid work!!!


Simon down as a yes (presuming someone can give him a lift) and he’s going to talk to John Gendle.

Dan may also be able to come along - has to check. Craig also interested.

So a few more added to the list - In theory that brings us to 12 - I’m contacting a few others like Ali, Steve, and Antony so see if they’d like to come along.too


I’m sure there’s a couple of other places we could share this about. I think there’s a board game group in Crediton that might have some members that would be interested, plus there’s always the possibility of sharing it on Board’s page (with their permission - Kirton are sort of a competitor, I guess)


im taxi for si and john


Met with Gareth and Dave O to discuss hosting this at the new shop, I think we have a plan. I’ve setup a Facebook event page that should help in promoting the event to those who aren’t club members. To avoid the conflict with Warhammer fest (and the Monaco GP) we’re looking to host this on Sunday 4th June.

To recompense Dave Ofor the expensive setup cost the event will be £3, and tickets will be sorted through our webstore.


Ah! You beat me to it! Was just about to say the same!

Thank you sir :slight_smile:

I would also like to confirm that my friend Ben Maunder has agreed to act as dedicated ‘press’ including live news broadcasts. He has asked for 1-2 others to help with news editing and interviews - potentially creating a ‘Press faction’ to play with as well.
Something else to consider for those looking for a slightly different role to the standard country factions


No worries! Although slight f-up on the date! So I’m going to propose moving it back to the Sunday of the 11th of June.

It’s the UK games Expo the weekend of the 3rd/4th, which I’m working at, and also I expect a lot of people we know who would be interested will be going to that!