Watch the Skies - Rygas 1st MEGA GAME - explanation and sign up


Just a quick bump to remind everyone about this upcoming event! Dave and I have been busy putting together the last few game pieces and Kirton are busy preparing the new game hall!

We’ve got lots of interest but need to encourage more to join in for a fun day of politics, backstabbing, gentle panic and alien invasion.

For those who aren’t sure what the game is about here is a handy video!

Please note that the Aliens have random objectives and agendas - so don’t worry about spoiling anything with the video - it could well be very very different on the day!


I’ve failed to enlist 3 women… Now attempting to recruit a team from either gender.


More the merrier! :slight_smile:


Single and Team tickets for this can now be picked up through the webstore.

Watch the Skies! Tickets.


Scotty had mentioned organising 2 new players - possibly 3 (awaiting confirmation)

Remember guys - this will be a good light hearted event to bring newbies to as well as spouses and anyone else who may not be a ‘board game’ fan but would like the role playing aspect of the game.


Watch the Skies is just a couple weeks away, it’s not too late to sign up!

You can enter a team or an individual and well assign you a country.