Wednesday 3rd October Kill Team


Myself and Phil are gonna play some Kill Team on the 3rd.

Would anyone else like to join in? Either multiplayer or a round robin of games?


Yes please!


I’d like to but I haven’t played before. Haven’t been to the club in a while either!

I do have a deathwatch and Nids teams I can bring…


Hi Jamie, don’t worry, I’ve never played before either so we will be in the same boat :slight_smile:


I’m looking to try and play this Wednesday (26th) if you want to join me.

Does the the club have any of the kill zones? I was suckered in and bought the Sector Munitorum zone. Still got to build most of it but happy to bring it in if more is needed!


Hi Jamie, thanks but I’m afraid I can’t make it down to the club on the 26th. I’m not sure about what terrain the club has sorry as I usually play more kinda boardgamey stuff. Kill Team really interests me though so I’m keen to try it out and will probably get suckered into buying everything too! :grinning: I’m sure one of the regular war gamers might be able to help you out. I think Rob will be bringing some terrain on the 3rd though.



The club does not have any of the Kill Zone sets, but we have a large amount of ruins, fortifications and other terrain so you should be able to recreate many of the existing Kill Zones with some minor variations. We also have some non-GW urban card tiles which should be suitable for making a Kill Team board.


I have the Rogue Trader Killzone if anyone fancies fighting “in confined spaces”? :slight_smile:


Hi Guys!

I’ve set up a little event on FB for the games, playing as a round robin type tournament or swiss depending on numbers!

I’ll bring along some of the Tactics cards which come with this quarters Organised Play pack for everyone taking part!


Hey Rob, I’ve just found out I have to go to another curriculum evening at my boys school on Weds (they keep doing them on Weds evenings frustratingly!) So I won’t get there now until about 8.30, sorry.

Do you think this will still give me time to get a game in? Bearing in mind I’m a complete newb, eek!


Hi everyone,
If I don’t get a game of 40k organised for Wednesday, I’ll be up for a game or two of Kill Team.
I have the KillTeam main set (board and ruins) and the also the same for the mechanicus Kill Zone. I can bring these along anyway if anyone wants to use them?


I’d like to at least see what they have done with Kill Team but I don’t have any of the books.


No worries Phil! We’ll get some games in where you get there!

Ali, yeah bring em along!

Santa, we’ll have some copies if you want to read or try!


Will do!
Looks like I’ve got a 40K game for Wednesday but I’ll be up for some Kill Team later in the month.


I’d like to do try if I know what models to bring along :slight_smile:
I have Eldar (ish), some 'Nids (as long as no beasties or Gaunts are needed), Catachan, possible Muhreens or even Druchaari (sp?) or Genestealer Cult possibilities.


I’ve only got my Nids painted. Shall I bring my Killzones: Sector Munitorum or are you guys bringing enough?


All I’ve got to bring is my unpainted reivers and intercessors from Conquest magazine :slight_smile: Ive never played a proper wargame before so apologies to everyone if I’m a bit slow at first!


I’ve haven’t played this version of Kill Team yet, so I’ll be pretty rookie too.

I have a vanilla set of bolter Deathwatch (converted from the push fit Space Marines!) that I have base sprayed silver.

I’ll also bring along the Rogue Trader board and bits


Just found out I don’t have to go to the school meeting anymore so should get to the club about 7.20ish. See you chaps tonight!