Weds 27th - Looking for a game of Bloodbowl/AoS/Shadespire/Necromunda


Looking for a game next week, up for any of the following -

Bloodbowl wise I play Skaven, am quite new to it having played under 10 games & am practicing for the Wellington, NZ league for when I go back in Feb. Would be up for joining a perpetual club league if there’s one going.

AoS wise I play competitive or narrative or happy to learn Skirmish too, I run mixed Chaos or Pestilens, esp. looking for practice games before the GT heat one @ WHW in Jan

Shadespire wise I play Khorne/Gharreks Reavers and am beginner level, (less than 10 games so far)


Hi Jim,

Re Blood Bowl, feel free too browse:

If you fancy signing up to the Perpetual League - Awesome! :slight_smile:

Send me what you’d like your username to be and I can hook you up :slight_smile:

We are in the playoffs, but I know @Santa is hungry for some off-season games!

Also, look out for the Rygas Cup which will be happening early next year.



Awesome thanks, have signed up for the obblm, yeah I’ll def be at Rygas for that one too.

Should I make a new roster up or use my current NZ one? @Santa I’m down for a game soon


Ok mate - I’ve activated your account! If you cant get in, I probably need to send you a password - let me know


I’m in, all good, assuming we’re at 1,000,000 I’ll make a team roster up now.


Cool, when you’ve logged in go:

User Menu > Create New Team

Select: Premier League 2018

Yes 1 Mil starting build!

Let me know if any problems.

Merry Christmas! :grinning::grinning:


Hi Jim

Are you around on the 4th? Are you looking for AoS?