WFB/AoS Beastmen for sale


I’ve decided to sell off the bulk of my Beastmen army as there is no chance I will need it for an old-style Warhammer game now.:disappointed:

I have most of the units from the army available in various quantities, but mainly its Gors, Ungors, Bestigors, Chariots and some monsters and characters. Most of them are plastic and unpainted, although a few are metal. Some stuff is unassembled, all the models that have been are on square bases because they were made for Warhammer and I didn’t see the need to convert them over.

Let me know if you are interested and if you want me to bring anything to club for you to look at, otherwise it will probably go on ebay next week.


Nooooo don’t sell them generals handbook 2 comes out august,you got a nice army!


Well I’m not selling it off completely, more cutting it down to about a third of its current size. Enough to field a small army on its own but I think the days of putting a unit of 50Ungors on the table are sadly well and truly over.