Where did you get the AOS grass mats?


Hello im going to build a table for home and got all the resources at my disposal to do so but wanted to know where you got those grass mats from?


Games workshop, back in the day.


Ahhh ok,i was looking on ebay but the closest thing i can find is 5mm(grass length)stuff they use in supermarkets,6ft x 6ft (iv got a guillotine at work)


Ziterdes make 6x4 grass gaming matts . about 20 euro.


Thanks dude just check it out…very helpful,about £30 with shipping


there’s one here too which is going to go quite cheap as it’s got an obscure ebay title and nobody can find it in a search



I was looking at the ziterdes ones again earlier, I think they are brown paper backed like the Javis Sceneics type, so maybe not the same as the old GW ones which are a stronger cloth material