Winter Blood Bowl League


As suggested by @Dopey we could have a Winter League of Blood Bowl for those of us who just can’t say no.

I quite like the idea of allowing teams to develop over more than one season as player progression is probably my favourite part of the game.

Thoughts that I’ve had or stolen so far:

  1. The winner of the winter league should probably be forced to retire so that we don’t end up with one team dominating.
  2. We might need something stronger than the current TV/Inducement mechanic to equalise mis-matched teams. Possibly something as small as allowing Assistant Coaches and Cheerleaders to be induced to make use of <50k TV differences.
  3. We could exclusively use teams from previous Main Rygas leagues or allow brand new teams some sort of leg-up or just throw them in at the deep end.
  4. Targeted MVPs.
  5. Stronger spiralling expenses to mitigate very high TV teams.
  6. Original Bank Rule where all treasury above 150K counts towards TV.
  7. Minimum 20K winnings.

I’m not necessarily advocating all of these, especially as many of them have the same affect of nerfing high TV teams. Just some thoughts.


More Blood Bowl is always good :football:


I’m well up for a perpetual league! :smiley: … and I like your ideas!

However, it might be best to keep the Winter League as a “one off”. Firstly, it’ll finish before the Rygas Cup starts, keeping things neat and tidy (and avoiding conflicting interests re playing time). As it is a (possibly the only for any game system?!) long standing club tournament, we should make sure the Rygas Cup has top priority.

Secondly, it may be best to wait until we know what GDub are doing with the league rules before starting a perpetual league. Looks like the “Player Ageing” rules are changing for example.

One option of course would be to “Freeze”(!!!) the Winter League during the Rygas Cup and “thaw”(!!!) it out afterwards. Or at that point we could start afresh.


Thinking about it I may not be talking about a perpetual league as such. I was imagining one with a set number of matches culminating in a champion, played when the main league wasn’t running but with teams allowed to compete every year rather than starting from TV1000. That way it wouldn’t interfere with Alpha league.

I might struggle to play anything that overlapped with League Prime as fortnightly seems to be about what I can manage.


… This all depends on me getting my SSH access to the OBBLM back… I seem to have been locked out! :sweat:


We can probably pull all the information out of the front end if it comes to it! It’s fundamentally just a series of match reports to re-enter. It would make migrating to the newer NAFLM easier I guess!


Yey! I’ve got my access back! :smiley:


The annual league typically starts in January, so we would not have a lot of time to play, but I do have a team painted up ready for Exebowl that could do with a run out sometime.


Another thought, starting a Winter League now might be a good way for people to test out different races and builds in preparation for the Rygas Cup …


I quite like the idea of reviving the zero-commitment perpetual league where people can have multiple teams and just pick up and play whenever they feel like it. There would be no formal competition, although we could organise ones ad-hoc and allow teams from the perpetual league to enter. A league table (ladder or regular style) could be incorporated if you want something to measure your ongoing performance against, but there would be no finite end to it in the way the current league works.

We could also look at incorporating teams from the annual league after it has finished so you can continue playing with and developing them, thus addressing some of the issues with the league not being long enough to develop certain teams (or worse still, coming to an end just as they are getting good).

I agree with Dopey that it would be a good idea to wait for the new edition to see if any of the changes would affect how we run things.

I also think we shouldn’t forget that playing one-off games with standard teams can be just as fun. It doesn’t always have to revolve around a league or tournament.:smiley:


Good news and bad news.

The bad news is that has been taken down temporarily.

The good news is I rolled some dice and upgraded the database to the new naflm. Everything seems fine at present :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Apologies the OBBLM is not yet back online. My life has been pretty manic both sides of 5pm. The upcoming weekend is looking a bit lighter, so should have it up again then.

There’ll then be a “winter league” people can sign up for. Interestingly GDub have the same idea! … Saves me having to play test a winter kick table :wink:



Don’t forget we have the Kirton Cup on Saturday 17 December so another chance to play some Blood Bowl and get some action in before the Rygas Cup kicks off. Shameless plug over :smiley:


Winter League is now accepting participants :slight_smile: sign up at

Any participation gratefully received so that we can iron out bugs before the Rygas Cup


GDub have very kindly put up their Winter League Weather Table:


That’s pretty extreme. -1 AV to everyone would be fun!


Yeah - that was in a draft of my own Winter Kick table, but I removed it as I thought it was too severe. However, it is rare that that weather will come up, so all is good :slight_smile: #Jinx



Go on then, I’ll join your tournament if you’ll have me :football:

Probably Wood Elves as they are the only team I’ve got with any paint on them :slight_smile:


Yay. I’ll add you to the list :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

Winter League will be concluded on Wed 25th to make way for the Rygas Cup.

There will be a trophy for the Winter League winner!

If you want to compete for the trophy (even if you haven’t played in Winter League yet!!) then let me know if you’d be prepared to play on the 18th or 25th (preferably both).

I realise that eXe-Wing Regionals will make it tricky for some! (…thus Santa vs James default final???)

Cheers all!