Winter Blood Bowl League


I’ve put on mine and Santa’s latest game but I didn’t mark down who score one of Santa’s touchdown’s. If Santa knows perhaps he can update it himself.

Also, I wanted to select an Agility skill for one of my Catchers but it didn’t seem to be an option for him as I could only pick from General. This will need to be fixed before the new league starts.


Ah ok - bug finding is largely what Winter League is for I guess :slight_smile:


Actually I’ve just checked it again and it seems I can select Agility skills. Just got a bit confused with the way they were listed!


Magic! :wink:


I’ve got another winter league game this week :slight_smile: Hoping to do some X-Wing the week after though so I can get the practice ahead of regionals


As a late starter, I do not have a lot of time to fit games in and I would like to play everyone at least once, but need to get some X Wing in ahead of regionals. Does anyone want a game outside of Wednesday nights? I am pretty flexible with time but I cannot host games due to the confines of my lodgings but happy to travel if anyone can host.


Maybe this should be moved to another thread, but potentially yes to non-Wednesday X-Wing and potentially yes to hosting. … Depends majorly on status of Wedding prep.


If you can make it to Kirton Games a week on Saturday (21st) I’ll be manning the shop and we could do a day of X-wing gaming.


Can we fit in a Winter League game on that Saturday too? Slann v Skaven?


Sorry mate, i meant non-wednesday winter league - so I can play x wing on Wednesdays - did not make myself clear lol


Probably my misread! Blood Bowl easier for me to host at home (as it fits on the living room table!)… Other (substantial) factors still apply though…


Yeah we can do Blood Bowl in store on that Saturday so if you wanted to play your game there that would be ok.


Now that I’m no longer the Points Leader in Winter League, the trophy will go to the Points Leader when Winter League finishes :slight_smile: … thus there will be no “final” as such. Jim’s Interceptors are currently in the driving seat with 625 points backed up by an 83.333333…33333…3333…% win percentage :slight_smile: