X-Wing 1st Edition: "The End Times" Summer League


Anyone up for an X-Wing ladder league or some such to see who is boss of X-Wing in the End Times of 1st Edition?

… I’m working on a noddy website to track results


I would be interested, especially as I have signed up for the Kirton Store Champs and could do with some practice (haven’t played a game of X-Wing since the Regional!).

Will we have to stick to the same list/faction, or will we be able to change from game to game?


Awesome! … hadn’t thought about exact format, although I would imagine people would want to switch lists about a bit to use up their 1st ed collection.


Yeah, I don’t think we can expect people to stick to exactly the same list as they way want to switch upgrades around to improve their lists or even just to use some niche stuff they never tried before.

I think the best way would be to use a similar idea to the Blood Bowl Premier League where you can have multiple teams, only instead it’s multiple factions, so anyone could have up to 3 ‘teams’ on the ladder and all games played under a particular faction would be lumped in together. So for example, I could have ‘Jonathan Rebel’ and ‘Jonathan Imperial’ and any time I play a game with Rebels the results get grouped under the same heading, even if the lists are completely different, and this would not add to the results collected under ‘Jonathan Imperial’.

We could also have a separate table for Epic games, or maybe count them in on the standard table but you get double points for an Epic win.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’d be up for it too. Got to try out my Tie/fo swarm before I snap them into pieces and return to the glory days of the Galactic Empire


Still a couple of things to iron out, but I’ve made this spreadsheet:

Read Only at the mo.

Basically you enter your name on the “Pilots” tab and it creates one of each faction for you.

Then you can enter games on the “Played Games” tab by selecting the appropriate pilots from drop down menus.

Then the Ladder points are calculated and displayed in the “Ladder” tab.

The other tabs contain the workings