X-Wing 2.0 Game for Wed 26th Sept


Anyone up for some X-Wing 2.0 on Wednesday 26th?

I Need to practice with new game rules before the Kirton Vader Disco :slight_smile:


Yeah I woukd be up for it. Just need to double check my diary :slight_smile:


I’ll be around next week and would like a game or two to try out the new rules.

Also, I just got myself another Rebel conversion kit. If you still need the Sabine’s TIE parts from it Roger let me know and I’ll bring them along.


Perfect see you both next week.

Thanks for that offer, I did buy a dial, base & hero card for Sabine tie fighter & a quadjumper on eBay


Hey guys. I’m still undecided about getting into 2.0. Just wondering what your first impressions of it are? Is it worth the investment? Is it The force awakens or The phantom menace…


Next week I’ll be playing a few games of 2.0,haven’t had chance to play it, but I enjoy the 1.0 game…its a lot of fun.


I haven’t played 2.0 yet but I think it looks very promising. I have A New Hope that the Force has Awoken and with that we will see a Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith. The Phantom Menace of the Attack of the Clones lists will hopefully be a thing of the past and it looks like a rebalancing of the upgrades and factions means The Empire Strikes Back at last, as pure Imperial fleets without First Order help have felt a bit behind the rest for a while. You can definitely afford to go a bit Rogue One with your list building.

Plus we have the prequel factions to look forwards to so we are a long way from seeing The Last [of the] Jedi yet.

If you are able to make it next week I’d be happy to bring my Empire conversion kit stuff with me so you can try it out.


I ran a couple of demo games of it in the shop and have to say it’s a big improvement on 1st edition. The game is much more about flying, and flying well rather than how many actions you can cheat.

Upgrades are not as powerful but reward you by flying your ship better than your opponent. Also bigger emphasis on repairing damage.

Ship stats are more in line with how they fly in the movies. Overall a much needed update to the game


Thanks guys, especially Jonathan for getting in ‘every?’ movie title!
Well I’ve just bought the core and empire sets so I guess I’ll find out for myself. I think it was Jim’s comment about it rewarding good flying over taking janky lists that swung it for me.
Unfortunately can’t make it this week but I’ll definitely be back in a few weeks to see if anyone is up for some game.
Have fun


Dan P and I will also be there! :slight_smile: