X-Wing and Imperial Assault Regionals 2017


Hi all,

Kirton Games will be hosting the official Fantasy Flight Games Regional tournaments for X-wing and Imperial Assault. There are only a handful of these events being run across the country, and we’d love for club members to attend.

X-Wing Regional - 28th January 2017, Queen Elizabeths Lower School, Barnfield, Crediton.
Imperial Assault - 11th February 2017, Whipton Institute Social Club, Exeter (Club Venue).

Tickets are £15 and will be going on sale for both events at 18:00 on Wednesday on the Kirton Games webstore www.kirtongames.com

If you don’t currently play either game and are interested in taking part let myself, Rob or Tim know and we’ll happily run demoes, we also have a dedicated night for FFG Star Wars games in the shop every Thursday night.


eXe-Wing IV : A New Hope For Dopey, will also be Stag Do #8 or #9. I’ll be in fancy dress (Princess Leia has been called… thanks Jim…). Would be awesome for others to be in costume. Bender afterwards in Crediton and/or Exeter for those that don’t “make the cut”.

(Apparently its been called that I have to drink when any of you take damage… thanks again Jim… To avoid drunken carnage at the event, I may have to take all the “damage” afterwards)

Happy to loan ships to those that don’t have any.

Dopey #


Maybe it’s time for this :slight_smile:



Awesome! Love it!

Tickets are up on sale for webstore for both regionals.



The Jabba costume is long overdue…

Got my ticket for this, tempted to run the triple-X list again.:grinning:




Just to let everyone know we are down to single figures on tickets left for the x-wing.

We are hoping to increase the capacity a little bit but I wouldn’t hang around if you are interested in attending this event.